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is a community of over 2,400+ African software designers and developers collaborating, learning and working on open source and sponsored projects.

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Created by the Devcenter community with ❤️

Built with JavaScript


We are creating a guide to help the non-technical, learn to code

Built with AngularJS (PWA)

Disease Info PWA

We created a PWA which displays the information gotten from the Disease Info API

Built with Ruby on Rails

Squaredex API

We are creating an API for tracking and getting the contributions of members of Square

Built with Ruby on Rails

Disease Info API

We created a web scraper to get information about diseases from Health Organizations - WHO, CDC et al

Built with JavaScript

Angular Export

We created a Angular directive for exporting and downloading JSON data into a CSV file

Built with Ruby on Rails

States and Cities

We are creating the v2 of a simple dump for location info on states and cities in Nigeria

Built with Ruby on Rails


We created a parser that returns formatted data from Nigerian bank statements