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This project is basically for getting information about diseases from Health Organizations - WHO, CDC et al. It is written in Ruby, to contribute, check out the Contribution Guide.

It is live here - https://disease-info-api.herokuapp.com/diseases.

Getting Started

Clone the project repository by running the command below if you use SSH

git clone git@github.com:devcenter-square/disease-info.git

If you use https, use this instead

git clone https://github.com/devcenter-square/disease-info.git


This project uses SQLite3 for development and testing and PostgreSQL for production. To contribute, you only need to install SQLite3. If you already have it installed on your machine, you can skip to the next step.

If you don’t have it installed, check the following links for guides on how to install:

Setting Up

Populating the Database

Populate Database with disease info by running

rake mine_data:who

When this is done, visit the endpoint for diseases on http://localhost:3000/diseases.json to get a list of all diseases on your database.

Adding a new data scraper

The present scrapers are:

Feel free to add another scraper by first adding your rake task to the present list on lib/tasks/mine_data.rake. Then create your scraper in app/lib/scrapers. You can follow the example of the WHO scraper. If you have to add new columns to the existing Disease structure based on the data you get, feel free to do that. More importantly, add the source of your data in the more column present on the Disease object. Make sure to name space your Disease name with the source. For example Malaria from WHO is saved with name Malaria - WHO.

Available End Points

End Point Method Expected response
/diseases.json GET Gets a list of all diseases
/diseases.json?data_source=source GET Gets a list of diseases from a particular source. Available sources are; WHO
/diseases/disease_name.json GET Gets a particular disease with the supplied name

Road Map

This will be the first release and we are tagging it v1.0. To see it live, go to https://disease-info-api.herokuapp.com/diseases. For specific a specific disease, use https://disease-info-api.herokuapp.com/diseases/tuberculosis. Also Disease-info prettifies JSON on production, however if you want JSON prettified on develoment environment and you are using Chrome to access the API you could install JSON Formatter to get a prettier display.

To Do

First see the Contribution Guide for how to contribute.