States & Cities API v2

The repo for the version 2 of the States & Cities API - Code name LocationsNG

How To Contribute

Welcome to the States & Cities contributor’s guide.

Be sure to check out DC Square’s Beginner’s Guide, to get acquinted with the know-hows behind this open source community.

For whatever you build, we encourage you to follow a test-develop-drive approach. However, if you are new to TDD or you don’t prefer writing test first, you should go ahead with building your feature and then write the test afterwards.

All contributions should include tests, as the PR team will not merge your test-less PR.

To Start Contributing

Branch Naming and Checkout

Vincent Driessen’s article on gitflow branching model will be the PR Team’s guide, and should be used by all willing contributors to this project to name the branches, to checkout and to merge their forked local copy of the repo. PRs using a different naming will not be merged.

Commit Messages

Please see this Commit Message Convention Rules created by Andelans.

Merge Test

Before any PR is merged, the PR team will check the following:

Also check out the Wiki to see the list of endpoints this project will be providing, the project workflow the teams will be working with, and other project docs.